Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Please click here to contact us with any additional questions.

Q: What is your service area?

A: We primarily work along the Front Range and especially Southern Colorado, but we can deliver throughout Colorado. Click here to go to our Request a Quote page if you’d like to find out the price for rental and delivery to your location.

Q: Can I lease one of your units for just 1 month?

A: Yes! Our leases are month-to-month so you can least a unit for one month, one year, or more.

Q: Can you put the Unit in my driveway?

A: Yes, we can put a trailer or a container in almost any location. As long as there is room for our delivery and pickup equipment it can go in a driveway.  HOWEVER, please be aware that these units are very heavy, even when empty, and you will need to sign a Driveway Delivery Release.  To review the release in advance, click here to go to our Documents page and click the link for the Driveway Delivery Release.

Q: Do you insure my belonging in the unit?

A: No, since we do not load or handle the contents we cannot take responsibility for the condition. We have partnered with a company called Storage Protectors who offers insurance plans for portable storage. Click here to Contact Us for more information.

Q: Are all your units the exact same?

A: We have several different styles and sizes of units to rent. But even with in the different size classes there is some variation between different units from different manufacturers. Our general size and descriptions are just for classification purposes and do not necessarily indicate the exact size. For example some of our “28-foot trailers” are actually 27’ long and some are 30’ long.

Q: Should I rent a trailer or a container for storage?

A: This really depends on your needs, but generally a trailer offers more storage for the money and a container offers more-convenient access to the unit. For trailers you will need more space to park it and a ladder or steps to get in and out.  A ground-level containers come in sizes as small as 20-feet so they will fit where a trailer won’t. Read more about containers and trailers.

Q: What size unit do I need to pack up my house?

A: Please refer to our Documents section where there is a document that has all the specifications for all of our units. Again these are general guidelines and each unit may vary slightly in size, but they will give you an idea of how much space is in each unit.

Q: Can you move a ground level container once it is loaded?

A: Yes, we have a special trailer with cranes on each end that can lift the container once it’s loaded. It keeps the container level while it lifts it and can lift up to 20 Tons. Please note that the trailer requires clearance next to and above the unit, so containers in cramped spots or under trees cannot be lifted once loaded.


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