20-foot Cargo-worthy Storage Containers – $3,800

Used Shipping Containers for Storage

Cargo-worthy units have generally been used for storage or transportation and will have more wear than a one-trip unit. Save as much as $1,000 of the purchase price by selecting a used storage container.  There will be cosmetic imperfections (dents, dings, patch work, etc.) but the doors will properly open and close and will provide a tight seal.

Standard units are roughly 8′ wide and 8.6′ high.  All containers have doors on at least one end (some have doors on both ends) and they all have wood floors.

These containers are a great storage option due to their convenient size and affordability. 20′ Containers will fit in a typical parking spot or behind your house or office building. Containers are durable and have a long lifespan, so they will likely retain their price when resold later.

cargo-worthy storage container

Shipping containers are generally manufactured in Asia, loaded with freight, and then delivered by ship to the United States. Once they are done as shipping units, these containers are ideal for home and business storage, plus countless other uses. (People are turning them into homes!)

The length of the containers is either 20′ or 40′ and the dimensions of the standard units are roughly 8′ wide and 8.6′ high. We also have High Cube units that 8′ wide and 9.6′ high, and most High Cubes are 40′ long.

We customize! Do you need a unit with a door on the side? Do you want the unit painted a certain color? Do you want a security-enhanced lockbox to block bolt cutters? Let us know what you need!